The Lion

The lion gazed at his reflection in a small puddle of water. I am old he thought. I’ve been old for a long time, But I’m still a lion. An alligator crawled close to the old lion, almost rubbing its tail on the lion’s legs. “I remember the days when alligators wouldn’t dare come close to a lion, but it’s different now”, the old lion thought with resentment, it’s just doesn’t seem right.

The lion marveled at the sun kissing the horizon, it’s beautiful he thought. The red color of the sky began to give away to the darkness. I remember when night was the time for a lion to be a lion. Not anymore.

“Are you hungry?” The lion heard a cheerful voice behind him. The lion turned around to see a young gazelle standing proudly. “So are you hungry?” The young gazelle asked again, moving her ears in excitement. “You are too young to be chosen” said the lion. Why you? There were no more sick, and all the old got eaten already. “I wasn’t chosen, I volunteered.” Said the gazelle, almost jumping with joy. “You’re suppose to run and I’m suppose to chase,” said the lion in frustration. This is wrong, this is not right. “You are an old silly lion” giggled the gazelle. “It’s different now, no more violent death, no more dying by surprise. You are a lion, lions need to eat. I am a gazelle , I am the lion’s food.”

Enjoy your coffee sir, said the young barista to the old man. The old man looked around. He saw a world that he couldn’t understand, young people holding smart devices that made the old man feel stupid. He looked at the menu again, just to see what it was that coffee he actually ordered. The old man felt lost and out of place. “It’s not right.” he said to himself, while looking up at the last red line in the sky giving way to the dark. There was a time that an old man was a lion.


24 thoughts on “The Lion

  1. Oooooh, Applause to you for this!

    Clever writing and absolutely brilliant concept!

    The times be a changing…and not for the better. We need to honor our Elderly and not throw them away like we do
    That’s a huge reason why most of the younger set are so lost! They need guidance from the Wise-not the fools!


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