Another Story About The Moon.

Dad, Who put the moon in the sky?

I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant when I was quite intentionally listening to a six year old girl and her father. It was a cute family, father mother and their young daughter.

So, Who put the moon in the sky, Was it God? It was obvious that it was an important subject for the girl, and luckily for her, her father was prepared with a story.

Long, long time ago, Her father started, before you were born or me, or even grandma and grandpa. In fact it was before anything or anyone was born. God stood in space and point his finger to an empty spot in the vast universe. ” That is where I want it to be”, God told his Angel who was standing by his side. God handed his Angel a drawing of a beautiful round sphere. It was blue and brown and yellow, and green, a lot of green.

“A sphere is like a ball”, the mother explained to her daughter before dad continued.

I cannot stay with you, I must place the sun in the right place, God told his Angel. But don’t worry, I brought the best material from all corners of the universe. You have everything you need to build this new world. Just follow the instructions. The new ball has to be the size and the colors that I made on the drawing. When I come back, I will create life in this new world.

And indeed, God brought everything that the Angel needed to make the new big and colorful world. Then God went to the very difficult task of putting the sun at the exact distance from his soon-to-be new creation.

The Angel got to work following God’s drawing the best he could. When God came back, the sun and all the other planets were in place. Now was the time to bring life into the new and colorful world. “Did you finish the task that I gave you?”. God asked the Angel. ” I did my best”, answered the Angel. God knew right away that something was not exactly right, had a closer look at the new and colorful world. Why is it smaller than it’s suppose to be? God asked. I made a mistake, and didn’t use all the material you gave me, the Angel said. God looked closely at the Angel and back at the smaller than planned planet and asked. If you didn’t use all the material, where is the rest of it? But before the Angel had the chance to answer, a small gray ball appeared behind the colorful planet. The gray ball was moving slowly around the new world. Is that what you did with the rest of the material I gave you? God asked. Yes, answered the Angel. God was not happy with his Angel, and the Angel knew that. God was close to snap his fingers and breaking the new planet and the small gray one. “I am sure that this gray small one will bring happiness to the big colorful one”, said the Angel. ” I don’t see how anybody can like this gray boring small planet”, God said, but he gave his Angel a chance. and spared the gray planet. But, he was still angry at his Angel for not following his instructions.

God continued to create all the animals on land and sea, the beautiful jungles and the mighty ocean, God have created man and he was happy, and he named his creation Earth. But God kept wondering if its was the right thing to do to keep the gray small planet that circled his beautiful full of life one.

Years passed and God decided to come down to earth, and walked between men as one of them. God walked the earth, and when day turned into night, God saw a young girl looking at the sky. What are you looking at? God asked the girl gently, I’m looking at the beautiful moon, the girl answered. God raised his eyes to the gray ball in the night sky. Do you like it? God asked, pointing at the moon. Everybody loves the moon, answered the girl. We love it when is full and we also love it when we can barely see it, we write songs and stories about it, loving couples walking hand in hand under its soft light. Does everybody love the moon? God asked the girl. We fight for money; we clash over religion, we cheat, steal and argue. But there’s one thing that all of us humans agree on, is that all of us love the moon.

When God returned to heaven, he called his Angel and told him. I gave them the earth and the sky, I gave them oceans and mountains, I spread the night sky with bright diamonds for them to see. But with all the beauty and the wonder I gave them , there’s one thing that unite them, no matter their age, their color, their religion. That thing is their love to your gray round mistake that circles around them.

Dad look at his daughter and said, this is how we got the moon. On their way out of the restaurant I saw the mother hugging her husband and I heard her whispering in his ear. “Honey, when the times comes, I cannot wait to hear the story of where babies come from.”


10 thoughts on “Another Story About The Moon.

    1. Hello Lucia,

      Thank you for sharing the story of how the moon came to be with us. The moon used to be very much closer to the Earth and appeared much larger in the sky than it is now.

      I lately just returned to the blogosphere, having been very busy caring for my beloved mother full time, as described in the post that I have lovingly crafted and published as a special and detailed eulogy at

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