Hey Monkey, you better do something, I am falling asleep.

Just watch the monkey they told me, watch him all night. Whatever the monkey does you write on the notebook, don’t miss a thing. It’s a new medication, something for the brain. We gave it to the monkey. If you feel tired drink from the coffee pot. It’s a strong coffee and there is a lot of it. Don’t fall asleep, keep your eyes open all night.

Stop looking at me like that monkey, I feel strange its not only tiredness its like something is not right.

Another cup of coffee. I want to stand up and move a little bit, but I cannot take my eyes away from the monkey. I write on the notebook, “It’s 1am the monkey just stares at me”. I know why I feel so weird, the monkey doesn’t blink. What did they give to the poor monkey? I write some more, “It’s 1:30am, monkey doesn’t blink”. Are you trying to tell me something monkey? I think the monkey is pointing at me, it’s hard for me to focused I am so tired.

I write ” 2:00am monkey is pointing at me, I am scared”.

More coffee, I definitely need more coffee.

I write “Monkey trying to say something, his mouth is open and he points at me”. I write some more, “1am, I want to go home I think the monkey is mad at me”. Please say something monkey, “12am monkey doesn’t speak to me, I want to cry”.

“46578am I finished the coffee, monkey is laughing”. Why are you laughing monkey? “Something-am , monkey is finally talking to me, I’m cold and hot at the same time. Did you understand yet? The monkey is asking me. Understand what? I asked the monkey? That you are the monkey, you are the experiment, monkey answers.

I look at the empty pot of coffee, yes its the coffee, I get it now.

In the morning two man wearing white lab coats opened the door just to see a men laying on the floor with madness in his eyes. “I guess he had too much coffee,” one of them said, both of them start to laugh. The other one picked up the monkey by the ear. “Maybe one day we will use a real monkey not a stuffed animal,” he said. Both of them laughed some more.

The Last Sunset.

Will the last man on earth remove his oxygen mask to take a final breath from the toxic air?

Will he take a moment in the name of the human-kind before him, to admire for the last time the sun-set?  

And before climbing into his space-ship and joining the rest of civilization in faraway planets, will he whisper to the red sky “you are beautiful” ?

Just before he leaves, while looking around the dead world around him, will he say “thank you planet for everything”?

But maybe there is no space-ship, maybe we didn’t find other planets to live in after we destroyed our own.

Maybe, just maybe, the last man on earth is the last man?

Is he, the owner of the only heart beats, will fall on his knees and buried his fingers in the ashes of what used to be our living mother?

In his last moments will he ask in the name of all of us “what have we done”?