Joe didn’t experience too much anger, or holding grouch. in fact, until last night, Joe didn’t even know what is the easiest way to put a dead body into his small car’s trunk to get rid of it. But this morning with his heart still pounding, he knows all about it. Especially Joe knows that he is probably the luckiest man in the world.

Ron forgot how to be happy, in fact the part of Ron’s brain responsible for the happy feeling, gave up years ago. The only thing that Ron was expecting from himself was to be the best police officer he can be, that was his way to continue on, without his wife. But this morning with his heart still pounding Ron did something he didn’t do for years, Ron looked at himself in the mirror and smiled.

Last night, Joe was standing next to his dying neighbor in the parking-lot in their apartment building. Joe didn’t know if it was a heart attack or a stroke that made his hateful neighbor laying on the ground near his fancy car. But in any case, the idea to call 911 didn’t pass through Joe’s head. Please die already Joe asked his neighbor politely. But his stubborn neighbor refuse to die quickly. In Joe’s point of view, the fact that his neighbor refuse to die, but instead shaking his legs like a fish and making  this ridiculous voice was only one of a long list of things that this terrible man did to make Joe’s life miserable. This is not who I am Joe said while going down on his knees and putting his hands around his neighbor’s neck. this is for all the loud music, for blocking my car every morning, for driving like crazy in the parking-lot, and especially for the arrogant look in your eyes. Joe kept squeezing his hands over his neighbor’s neck way after he was dead. You still have this arrogant look in your eyes, Joe complain to the dead man.   

Last night, officer Ron checked himself in the mirror before another night patrol on the highway. He uses his left hand to check his right pocket. yes, he could feel the small metal box inside his pocket. Just do your job. and do it well, he said to his reflection.
And with that he left his house.

Joe realize that he actually killed a man only after half an hour of driving. His shirt was still wet from sweat. What have I done? Joe asked himself while a sheer horror was running through his veins. Driving on the highway with a body of a man I just strangled in the back of my car is not who I am.
Joe was so busy with thoughts that he didn’t notice that he got a flat tire on his back wheel. But on the other hand, Joe could see the police car behind him and he could definitely  hear the policeman asking him to pull over.

When officer Ron looked at the driver he just pulls over, he could see a sweaty and pale man. Do you know why I pulled you over? officer Ron asked.
Trying to be as calm as he can Joe answer, I got no idea officer.
You are driving on the highway with a flat tire, officer Ron replay while wondering what make this driver be so nervous. You need to change your tire officer Ron continued .
In that moment a scary recognition hit Joe, the spear tire is in the trunk, with the body of his recently murdered neighbor.
I don’t have all night, said officer Ron. Open your car trunk get the spear tire out, now.
Joe is  already seeing himself behind bars, said in a last attempt to prevent the unpreventable, I don’t have a spear tire, I think I will call a tow truck.
Open the trunk right now, command officer Ron, knowing that something is definitely wrong.
When Joe walked to the back of his car, he knows that those are his last steps as a free man.
When officer Ron use his flashlight to look inside the trunk the flashlight beam stops on the dead man’s face. those few seconds felt forever for Joe, the police officer stared at the dead man’s eyes. For a short moment Joe was wondering how is it possible that this arrogant look is still in the dead man’s eyes.
Do you know what you have done? asked officer Ron. Before Joe that was very close to cry could answer, officer Ron continued, you just lied to a police officer. It is very clear that you have a spear tire in a good condition under this dead man.
Change the tire as fast as you can, and go.

In less than ten minutes, with the help from officer Ron  Joe was driving his car with the new tire in place. Joe didn’t have any explanation to what just happened. Joe just looked up to the dark sky and said “thank you”

Back on the dark highway officer Ron got inside his police car. With his left hand he pulls out the metal box from his right pocket. he opened the glove box and took out a piece of an old newspaper. When officer Ron unfold the newspaper, he read the headline, ” A drunk driver that run over a woman to death is free over technicality. Husband a policeman is broken hearted.”
I will never forget the arrogant look in his eyes when he walked out free from the court.   Said officer Ron to himself. I will never will forget that look.






This one is mine.

It’s almost impossible to explain just how much can go through your head during the two and a half seconds of falling from the ten floors building. But if I will try to break it up, there is no doubt that the feeling of accomplishment is the most dominant. That is the way I felt anyhow. From the second that my feet left the solid roof and my body started its rapid decent to the ground, I felt brilliant. That was my time. My victory, and in less than two seconds nothing could change that.

I never planned to kill myself but it was the only way to end with the “upper hand” if you like. It’s all started a few months back. Me and my five friends at the office liked to scare each other once in a while. It was kind of a practical jokes. We always were carful not to go to far with the pranks, after all we are all friends and we wanted to keep it as harmless fun. So usually it was the classic rubber spider in the drear or a fake phone call from a secret service or the FBI. I was the last “victim” for my friend’s prank. But this time it wasn’t the little harmless prank, they went too far.

The image of the ghost flying in the hallway one night when I thought that I was alone in the office really scared me to the point I peed myself. As much as I tried, I could not but feel humiliated. My friends told me how sorry they were, and that was too much. And so on and so on. But it didn’t change anything with how I felt. For me the only way that I can restore my self-respect is to get back at them.  So, I got into work. I spend almost every free time I had planning my revenge, the ultimate prank. This is my new hobby I told myself.

Everybody needs a hobby, and this is mine. And I take it very seriously, actually becoming obsessed with it. My plan was becoming more extreme by the day. It must be simple and effective. I wrote every idea I had and kept it with other ideas. I even use to go over my plans during working time when nobody was around. It’ll take me almost two months to get it right. The plan was simple, exactly the way I wanted. Usually on Fridays we used to go to the closest bar for a happy hour after a week work. I will pretend that I’m still depressed over the prank they pulled on me. I will make a complete show as I’m completely down to the point that in a moment of rage I will pull my gun and shoot my friends as a revenge. Of course, I will shoot blanks but they will not know that. The sight of their scared to death faces will certainly compensate over my wet pants.

From the second my plan was complete, it was only to wait for the end of Friday work day. And sure, enough it came. And it was perfect. Just the way I imagined it. I played as I nerves and depressed. And just as I plan my friends asked me what is wrong. I continue to act upset until I pulled my gun and shouted, you all need to die. To see their faces when I pulled the gun was priceless but now is the good part the pinnacle of my plan, I pulled the trigger five time on my friends. I was so thrilled that I understand what I did only after the fifth shoot was fired. I forgot to change the real rounds to blanks. Instead seeing my friends scare to death, they were just lying dead. And yes, they had a surprised look on their dead faces.  I really shot my friends.  I panicked and ran away. I couldn’t stay there looking at them dying. I think I ran for half an hour straight, no real destination. As I said I was panicking. All of that time I heard my phone ringing. I had no doubt that its the police asking me to surrender myself. They know its me, many people in that bar know who I am. I throw the gun to the garbage. I know it doesn’t mean anything but I’m doing it anyway. Eventually I must to stop, the moment my legs stop moving I’m starting to understand just how horrible is the thing that I did. I’m panicking again but this time it’s a paralyzing hysteria. I cannot move, my breathing is heavy. I’m mumbling to myself what have I done over and over again. Now my own subconscious start to play games on me. A voice in my head Is marking me, saying how is your little hobby going. You really scare them, did you? And then the most freighting thought coming out from that voice in my head, maybe you did want to kill them. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. They hurt you really bad, they made you wet your pants. They stood there trying not to crack down looking at you wet and embarrassed. It was a cruel cold voice coming not only from the back of my head but from deep inside my stomach. I cannot live with myself, the cruel voice is right, it was on purpose, I murdered my friends.   

The constant ring from my phone doesn’t stop, it just makes me more exigent to end it all. Killing myself is the only option, the last thing I will ever do, and I need to do it before the police gets to me. I see an entrance to a building, that is my chance. Its open, I’m going in and start to go up the stairs. I can hear the sirens in the background. Need to move fast. I got to the roof and its open. Now I’m slowing down a little bit. It’s the last moment of my life. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, no. I’m a murderer and I deserve to die. I’m on the edge of the roof, it’s about ten floors down. My phone keeps on ringing. I was afraid to answer until now. It was as if I will touch the phone it will slow me down or even worse I will talk with some police officer that will convince me to turn myself in. But now I’m not afraid, that is my last seconds alive. I will tell the police where I am, and how sorry I am for murdering my friends. I held the phone and without looking at the screen I answer. I just say hello, but before I can say anything I heard my friends voice on the other side, they are laughing and alive. You didn’t shoot anybody they were screaming happily through the phone. We found your nuts on your table at work. You forgot them one day, about shooting blanks and to scare us to death. So, we play you back and pretend as we are really getting shoot.

I’m still quiet. Except hello I didn’t say anything. I can hear my friends still laughing through the phone. I cannot lose again, not after this last time. This one is mine.  I put the phone closer to my mouth and say loudly, sorry officer I cannot hear you because of the wind. I’m about to kill myself because I killed my friends, I’m so sorry. And then I hang up the phone and jump.

Its unbelievable how many thoughts can go through your head in less than two seconds. But I will tell you what was my main one, it was. I won, this one is mine. I won.

As I said everybody needs a hobby.                                                                                          

The human factor.

Are you exited Eric? David asked moments before the take-off to the most daring man exploration in history. You must be, we are going to make history. The two first human to get to Mars. You bet I am exited, answer David. All the world will watch our every move. I just think about all the people that put so much from their life to make this dream come through. And lets not talk about the money that was invested in this project. That is truly incredible, every television station from around the world send their crew to document this launch, when I come to think about it, probably most of the human kind will see us taking off from Houston to the red planet. Billions of people looking at us.

The two astronauts conversation was interrupted by Jerry from ground-control. It is time to make the final check-list guys, we are moments from count-down. We will start now David replay to Jerry while giving the thumb up to Eric. Immediately Eric and David started to go over the list, David was reading from the check-list and Eric was conforming by saying check. About half way into the check-list when David was about to start with the fuel pressure, Eric cut him off by saying “gas, I’m not sure about the gas”. What do you mean, gas? David asked puzzled. we already went through all the gas on the check-list. No, you don’t understand said Eric with a real concern in his voice. I don’t remember if I checked the gas in my kitchen before I left my house.

Are you serious, Eric? David asked. Yes I am completely serious answered Eric, when we board the space-ship I was a little bit concern about it, but the more I think about it the more I start to doubt if I didn’t left the gas on after I finish my coffee in the morning. I am sure that every thing is fine, said David, trying to get back on track and finish the check-list. You are aware that we are going to fly to Mars in the next ten minutes, David mention the obvious to Eric. I know said Eric but right now I cannot think about anything else but the gas burning down my house. Wait, David said, what about your wife? My wife is sitting with the crowd waiting for the launch, Eric replay. David could hear the panic in Eric’s voice. I wish I had my cell-phone with me, Eric complained, we are surrounded with a billion dollar intergalactic communication systems but I cannot make a simple phone call to my wife.

Two minutes to launch, it was Jerry from ground-control. I believe that their was no problem with the check list, we are one minute from count-down. “Actually we do have a problem” Eric replay. What is the problem? Jerry asked quickly, we are less than a minute to go, what ever it is, we need to solve is fast. I really need to talk with my wife, Eric said, I think I didn’t close the gas before I left my house. This is not the time to for your weird sense of humor Eric, Jerry said. It was very clear that the pressure before the launch is getting to him also. Its not a joke, I really need to talk with my wife, said Eric almost crying. Ok said Jerry, Let me see if I can call your wife and put you through the radio system. You have Less then a minute to go, you are going to Mars for God’s sake added Jerry. A second later Eric could hear his wife voice on the radio.

Wife; what’s is going on, is everything ok?

Eric; Baby, did you check the gas before we left the house?

Wife; Oh my God Eric, I told NASA that it will be better to put a space suit on a monkey than to send an idiot like you.

Eric; Please honey, did you check the gas?

David; 10,9.8….

Wife; Why every time there is something with you?

Eric; Baby, please.

David; 7,6,5….

Wife; Yes, I did check the gas.

Eric; I am so relieved.

David; 4,3…

Wife; But I hope you unplugged the iron as I told you.

Eric; Oh shit….

David; 1,0. Lift off.


Hey Monkey, you better do something, I am falling asleep.

Just watch the monkey they told me, watch him all night. Whatever the monkey does you write on the notebook, don’t miss a thing. It’s a new medication, something for the brain. We gave it to the monkey. If you feel tired drink from the coffee pot. It’s a strong coffee and there is a lot of it. Don’t fall asleep, keep your eyes open all night.

Stop looking at me like that monkey, I feel strange its not only tiredness its like something is not right.

Another cup of coffee. I want to stand up and move a little bit, but I cannot take my eyes away from the monkey. I write on the notebook, “It’s 1am the monkey just stares at me”. I know why I feel so weird, the monkey doesn’t blink. What did they give to the poor monkey? I write some more, “It’s 1:30am, monkey doesn’t blink”. Are you trying to tell me something monkey? I think the monkey is pointing at me, it’s hard for me to focused I am so tired.

I write ” 2:00am monkey is pointing at me, I am scared”.

More coffee, I definitely need more coffee.

I write “Monkey trying to say something, his mouth is open and he points at me”. I write some more, “1am, I want to go home I think the monkey is mad at me”. Please say something monkey, “12am monkey doesn’t speak to me, I want to cry”.

“46578am I finished the coffee, monkey is laughing”. Why are you laughing monkey? “Something-am , monkey is finally talking to me, I’m cold and hot at the same time. Did you understand yet? The monkey is asking me. Understand what? I asked the monkey? That you are the monkey, you are the experiment, monkey answers.

I look at the empty pot of coffee, yes its the coffee, I get it now.

In the morning two man wearing white lab coats opened the door just to see a men laying on the floor with madness in his eyes. “I guess he had too much coffee,” one of them said, both of them start to laugh. The other one picked up the monkey by the ear. “Maybe one day we will use a real monkey not a stuffed animal,” he said. Both of them laughed some more.

Another Monday.

Why are you wearing your suit, John?  Monica asked her husband; while she was trying to get her head around the usual Mondays morning madness.

John was standing near the door with his finest suit, to be completely accurate it was his only suit. Staring at his wife he was disappointed, it obvious he was expecting a completely different reaction from his wife.  

You didn’t see the note I left on the kitchen table? John asked, just to realize that his wife put her cup of coffee on what was probably the most important piece of writing he ever wrote.

No, I didn’t see any note, John can you please tell me what is going on? its Monday morning you know.  It was clear that his wife was not in the mood for puzzling questions.                                                                                                                                                                  Please Monica, john said with a half begging and half annoyed voice, lift your cup of coffee and read the note I wrote. John’s plan didn’t work the way he pictured it in his head.

Monica lifted her cup of coffee while mumbling “I don’t have time for this”. Underneath the coffee cup Monica could see a note that was already stained with coffee. The only thing that she was able to read was “I am” and “final”. John, I cannot read it, I don’t have time for this, its Monday morning, you know.  

For God’s sake Monica, it’s a suicide note, John exclaimed. I am about to jump off of a bridge.

So, is that the reason you are wearing your only suit John? Why do you want to do it with the most expensive clothing you have? You can jump with the same level of success with jeans and a t-shirt.

Before John had any chance to replay to his wife and explain that it seems kind of right to die with his best clothes. Monica put her cup of coffee back on the unreadable suicide note and said with a soft voice. I don’t want you to do it, but the warm feeling that John felt quickly vanished when his wife continued, it’s really not a good time John, there are so many errands to do and I cannot do everything by myself. there are bills to pay, the house is a mess and somebody needs to pick up the kids from school. its Monday you know. Besides that, its rush hour now, it will take you forever to get to where ever you want to go and kill yourself, you will want to kill yourself just standing in traffic. As much as John didn’t want to, he find himself smiling at the last thing that his wife said.                                                                                                                                                 

Can you at list postponed this all suicide thing to another time?

John felt that the drama he was hoping for will not happen, at least not today. node his head with agreement with his wife.

Ok honey, John said. I will pick up the kids. 

Thank you, John, and if you don’t mind to take the dog out, before he pees all over the house.  

Just before John closed the door behind him, wearing his normal, not the special suicide clothes and holding the dog’s leash, he heard his wife saying. “In the evening when you come back, I will make your favorite food, I promise”.                                                                                                                                                                 After her husband closed the door behind him. Monica said to herself while finishing her coffee.

“Monday, every single Monday”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Eve it’s time to Go.

Please Adam, just a few more minutes, maybe an hour or two. I got a terrible Migraine. Eve’s eyes where almost completely closed when she was talking, her headache was bad, really bad. Eve was not good at handling pain; it was new to her. Pain was never part of her life before, it started only recently when their perfect life crashed.

Near her on the kitchen table Adam could see the empty Migraine-pills bottle and the empty cups of coffee that Eve was consuming all morning. We need to finish packing Adam said with a soft voice. Eve’s face twisted with pain; I know Adam, she answers back with a tortured whisper of her own.

In a way Adam wished to be also paralyzed with some kind of excruciating pain. This is a new reality that he was not prepared for, in a way Adam felt like an astronaut that landed on the wrong planet. But with his Eve pined with pain he was the one who needs to do the packing, he has to gather the remains of their once blissful life into boxes. Eve got the pain and he got the labor.

I cannot do it by myself, Adam wanted to shout. He wanted to shout so hard that his teeth will fly out of his mouth. But he couldn’t, he will not cause his Eve more pain. His beautiful Eve that use to run around their high-rise penthouse completely naked and free. His once care free Eve that stood in front of the window spread her hand and said “we have done it Adam; we have it all”.   

That was his Eve, she was the wind and he was the rock. If he was the lyrics Eve was the music. His naïve untroubled flower.

Adam recalled the evening when Eve introduced her new friend to him. Meet my new friend, his name is Coralillo. He got some great ideas for us to have more, Eve said with a cheerful voice. “We have got everything we need and want,” Adam wanted to say, but he didn’t, “this is not right,” a voice cried inside Adam’s head when his Eve told him about her new friend plan. “Nobody will ever find out” she told him. “Nobody can touch us; we are on the top of the world.”

Eve was the wind, the wind that moved the rock. I was supposed to say let’s go, I was supposed to say we will not get away with this. But I didn’t, Adam beat himself in his head. he wanted to shout, he wanted to cry. But he just whispers with a soft voice. “its time to go, Eve. It’s time to leave”

The Last Sunset.

Will the last man on earth remove his oxygen mask to take a final breath from the toxic air?

Will he take a moment in the name of the human-kind before him, to admire for the last time the sun-set?  

And before climbing into his space-ship and joining the rest of civilization in faraway planets, will he whisper to the red sky “you are beautiful” ?

Just before he leaves, while looking around the dead world around him, will he say “thank you planet for everything”?

But maybe there is no space-ship, maybe we didn’t find other planets to live in after we destroyed our own.

Maybe, just maybe, the last man on earth is the last man?

Is he, the owner of the only heart beats, will fall on his knees and buried his fingers in the ashes of what used to be our living mother?

In his last moments will he ask in the name of all of us “what have we done”?