My Little Maggie

Hey big brother, don’t open the door, not right now, soon but not now.

You are a sick, sick in the head. there is nothing there, nothing.

We cannot see each other yet, but soon big brother.  

I swear to God, if I will see you sitting in the hallway starring at this fucking door again, I will beat the shit out of you.

Don’t worry big brother, they cannot hurt you, I will protect you. I know what to do.

Why you are so different, why you cannot be like other kids. I hate being your mother. You are embarrassing me.

Soon we will be free, big brother. Close your eyes and ears tonight. I need to practice.

You little psychopath. Why? please tell me why did you kill the cat?

I’m sorry big brother, I know you liked that cat. But I love you enough, more than all the cats in the world.

Pack your clothes, you are leaving tomorrow. You are going to a place where disturb kids like you go.

Hide under the bed tonight. Ignore the screams. We will be free tomorrow big brother.    

Yes detective, two bodies husband and wife. With a knife both of them.

What about the kid? 

The kid is in the hallway, pointing at a door .  

Did you open the door?  

 Yes, we did, detective.

Nothing is there, just an empty room with a bed frame not even a mattress.

What’s the kid’s name?  

It’s a girl detective, her name is Maggie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The Two

Two jumped off the border between the endless darkness and the blue world. Their heavenly bodies crossing the sky like burning meteors. Their wings pulled back to descent faster. They don’t have time to lose.                                                                                 They are not allowed to interfere with his work, his perfect work.

He watches his blazing sons speeding towards his masterpiece. With a snap of a finger he can disintegrate them to less than dust, but he didn’t. like an artist watching his creation about to be ruined, so was he, his love for them chained his hands. 

“We are breaking his heart” the young one said, while they got close to the blue and green. “We are doing what must be done”, answer the older one. “ Good got no meaning or value without his dark counterpart”. “Perfect will never hold his own, it will be just an illusion that will crumbled and fall”.

“I can see the place”.  Said the older one. Their bodies cooled down from the soft breeze while they slow down. They felt the wet grass under their naked feet when they finally landed.
“Are you sure?” Asked the young one. “Yes, I am” answer the older one while looking on his father superb creation. “Do you have it?” ask the older one. “Yes I do”, answer the young one. “Give it to me”, said the older one with a commanding voice. The young looked with amazement at the impressive tree they stood beneath. “Give it to me” urge the older one. The young one reached under his robe and with a shaky hand gave his older brother a beautiful red  ….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


I’m looking at you, at all of you. Looking at your tired faces, on your cheap clothes. On your rough hands from pushing cleaning carrying. Your mouth, that will always say “yes” just to keep his lousy job. I imagine you as a fish swimming in water so disgusting that he cannot breathe. Your pathetic pay- check is your only chance to get your poor fish head out of the water for a brief breathe before you dive back into this poisoning swamp you call life.                             

Your eyes, yes! your eyes are my favorite. Your wearied eyes. The way your simple eyes are looking at me, is the reason that I take the subway at 5am. I got enough money to take a stretch limo to my office, you know what?  I can fly with a private jet every morning around town if I wanted. But what’s the point of that? How you will see me if I’m behind tinted windows or flying high in the sky? No, I want you to see me on your way to another day of hard labor. I want you to look at my leather boots and ask yourself how much did they cost?  My boots can take you and your family to a vacation in an exotic place that you probably never heard of.  Only my watch can keep your fish head and the other fish you call a family above the water for a year. Yes, yes, look at me, try to visualize my house my car my life style. You cannot, and that is the point. For you I am superior, I’m above you, I am sitting on cloud nine way above your shit-pool. 

“I am the one you wish to be”.                                                                        

Two stops to go before I leave my personal amusement park and climb back to my perfect life. Only two stops to go and he sit next to me, this fat man, his legs almost touching mine. His dirty working boots close to my alligator skin boots. His hoody taps my expensive Italian suit. With his chubby fingers he is holding his primitive flip phone and staring at a picture on the phone. I can see it, it’s a photo of a few kids and a woman. And then he smiles, it’s a real genuine smile. This fat stupid man is actually happy.  What the hell? I ask myself. You are fat, fat people are not supposed to be happy, you are fat and poor. I am happiness. You need to look at me and realize just how much your life has no meaning. I live in a penthouse you live in some shithole. I got a jacuzzi, while you stand in line for your turn to take a cold shower. That people on your phone, what can you buy them? I can buy anything I lay my eyes on. So why the hell you are so happy? Who gave you the right to smile as everything is just great in your life? I am great, I am awesome. You are nothing but a fat fish in the swamp. My blood is boiling, he doesn’t care about me, he is not examining me, admirer me. comparing his nothing to my everything. Why?

I cannot help it, I turn my head to him and ask, what’s your story? 

He takes away his eyes from the phone and with a biggest smile that I saw in my life he said “I am the one you wish to be”.        

The Lion

The lion gazed at his reflection in a small puddle of water. I am old he thought. I’ve been old for a long time, But I’m still a lion. An alligator crawled close to the old lion, almost rubbing its tail on the lion’s legs. “I remember the days when alligators wouldn’t dare come close to a lion, but it’s different now”, the old lion thought with resentment, it’s just doesn’t seem right.

The lion marveled at the sun kissing the horizon, it’s beautiful he thought. The red color of the sky began to give away to the darkness. I remember when night was the time for a lion to be a lion. Not anymore.

“Are you hungry?” The lion heard a cheerful voice behind him. The lion turned around to see a young gazelle standing proudly. “So are you hungry?” The young gazelle asked again, moving her ears in excitement. “You are too young to be chosen” said the lion. Why you? There were no more sick, and all the old got eaten already. “I wasn’t chosen, I volunteered.” Said the gazelle, almost jumping with joy. “You’re suppose to run and I’m suppose to chase,” said the lion in frustration. This is wrong, this is not right. “You are an old silly lion” giggled the gazelle. “It’s different now, no more violent death, no more dying by surprise. You are a lion, lions need to eat. I am a gazelle , I am the lion’s food.”

Enjoy your coffee sir, said the young barista to the old man. The old man looked around. He saw a world that he couldn’t understand, young people holding smart devices that made the old man feel stupid. He looked at the menu again, just to see what it was that coffee he actually ordered. The old man felt lost and out of place. “It’s not right.” he said to himself, while looking up at the last red line in the sky giving way to the dark. There was a time that an old man was a lion.

‘’A different story’’

Her breathing was deep and steady when she run through the dense forest holding her grandmother’s kitchen knife in her hand. Her red cape was torn up, also her legs, hands and her face were cut by the tree brunches.

Stop you are the victim, said the forest while burying its thorns in her.

Stop and wait for the big brave man to save you, shouted the animals in the forest.

Go back to be the naïve little girl, the readers whispered with an outrageous mumble.

It was wrong, she knew it, they knew it even he knew it.

 That is the only way the story goes, smart men told her. Don’t ruining it for all of us, they warned her.

You need to wait for us to save you, said the hunters with a commanding voice.

You don’t have the right to change anything in the story, her grandmother waves her finger in front of her face.

You are wearing red, you know what it means right? Blamed her the wise owl.  You are the one that brought the wine in your wood splints basket. You asked for it, stop complaining and carry on with your part of the story.

And she listens, for so many years and for so many times that this story was told.

She didn’t want to disappoint them, make them mad angry or sad.

Not anymore.

She did her part in the story, she played the character that was made for her for too long.

He was not far away from her. She could see him running for his life. He was panicking, hysterical. His breathing short and fast. A white foam was accumulating around his mouth. His big impressive eyes were now nothing but sheer horror.

She was faster than him, stronger then he had never been.

She was the predator he was the prey.

Can you hear me know with your big ears? She screamed.

Can you see me with your big eyes? She roars as a lioness.

He falls down exhausted, nothing has left in him. She looked at him, he was weak pathetic.

Around them the forest was quiet, nothing and nobody ask her to stop anymore.

They all knew. It’s a different story.

Welcome to the nobody club

On my way to work I stopped to check my mailbox, inside there was only one envelope. On the envelope was no sender or return address only my name, strange I thought but I opened the envelope anyway, it was written. “Your projected suicide date is approaching. For a minimal pain and low impact on the surrounding, please contact us as soon as possible. Regards, The human monitoring division”.

It was a generic letter, it even had a logo at the top of the page that was made of wheeling gears creating a circle. This is definitely the most disturbing publicity letter I have ever seen, although I didn’t have any idea for what kind of product it could be. No time for that, I cannot be late for work. Its rash hour, people seemed more aggressive than usual. It’s as if they don’t want to move from their path. I felt as a Salmon swimming against the stream. But instead of water it was herd of humans, trying to run me over. Not the best way to start my week, I thought.

Finally, I’m at work. No time for good morning to anyone. I put my headset and open my computer. But no request for technical support came through. While I heard my coworkers dealing with endless calls, my station was silent. I checked the internet connection, it was fine. I had no explanation. Frustrated I spent my shift looking to an empty screen. At the end of the day I run out from my cubical to the exit door. I didn’t want to talk with anybody and luckily for me it seems that nobody had nothing to say to me. At the first step at the street I got hit from the back by another pedestrian who was walking faster then me. I fell down, other people didn’t show any consideration to the fact that I’m trying to stand up. My hands and legs got stepped on a few times before I manage to get up. All the way home I needed to avoid other people to bump into me. Although I tried to keep my lane of walking once or twice it ended with me getting pushed aside.

Exhausted finally I got home. It’s already dark and my body is in pain from the fall. I’m taking my clothes off preparing to take a shower. Standing with my underwear I check the pockets of my pants. My wallet, I cannot find my wallet. This is the last thing I need. standing half naked the frustration was too much, I was close to tears. And then my phone makes a loud beep noise, I got a message. I don’t remember the last time I received a message or a phone call for that matter. the message said, “it’s only going to get harder. We can help. Contact the human monitoring division as soon as possible.” I cannot really say why did I reply “yes” to the text massage. There was part of me that wanted to know who sent the letter and the text. What is the human monitoring division? But if to be completely honest, I wanted to talk with someone, anyone. A minute later there was a knock on the door. I know that you are wearing only your underwear, said the voice from behind the door. I was terrified but I opened the door.

My name is Megan said the woman in front of me. She reaches her hand out for a hand shake. No time for pants she said while she let herself inside my apartment. She sat down on the only chair I had in my kitchen. I stood at the other side of the table trying to get my head around what is going on. Let’s get straight to business she said. we have some great options for you to kill yourself. All of them are with as less pain as possible and most important with minimal impact on the surrounding.

But I don’t want to kill myself I said, with a chocked voice. She looked at me with the most disappointed look I ever saw. Do I really need to explain it to you? She asked. Yes, I said. if someone want me to kill myself so much, I expect him to have the courtesy to tell me why. Very well she said, lets open your file. I was expecting a huge book with everything I did in my life. but instead she pulled one paper with my name written on it. Don’t look so disappointed she said, it’s only the important stuff.

Like what? I asked. You are thirty-six right now. Six years ago, you had three friends, you kept in touch with your mother and you had some small talk with your coworkers during lunch time. Four years ego your mom died and you kept in touch with only two friends. One-year ago you lost contact with your remaining friends and since then you are alone. The only people that you talk with are the customers that need technical support, and that you lost today. You cannot even walk on the street without being pushed and stepped on. But why? I cried. Don’t you get it? she asked. You are a nobody. What is that even mean? I asked, getting demoralize.

Megan sighed in a very dramatic way. Let me give it to you in a nutshell she said. Imagine everything and everyone around you as a wheeling gear that is spinning another wheeling gear. Millions and billions of moving parts making the world the way we know it. But once in a million, one of the moving parts has a momentary gap in his influence on the other parts. In that case the human monitoring division comes in and puts a temporary wheel, to fill up the gap. That is, you. The moment the wheeling gears are connecting back together there is no need for the temporary one anymore, this is what you are, a wheeling gear that did his short job and now is no longer needed. Your life is meaning less you are a nobody. You are no more than a disturbance to the flow of actions and counter reactions. So, please let’s choose a suicide method and get it over with.

What if I don’t want to? I said. I don’t think that you completely understand your situation, said Megan. She was mad. You will talk and nobody will listen, you will not be able to walk on the street without being pushed and stepped on. You are nothing, a nobody, nothing but a toll that did his job and now need to be disposed. I’m still alive, I move alone in the night when the streets are empty. I don’t talk, but I listen. If you see me you will not notice me. but if you do, maybe you are like me, a wheeling gear with nothing to connect to, a nobody that refuse to go away.

We have a place among the moving parts that make this world what it is. Between the shadows the nobody can be somebody.

Saving Humpty Dumpty

“We must save him,” I said, hitting the table with my fist. “We cannot let him fall. We must not fail; we must succeed. Humpty Dumpty must live. We’ll do everything, we’ll go everywhere, and we’ll fight everyone to prevent Humpty Dumpty from falling off the wall.”

“We don’t have the men and the resources for that,” cried the generals.

“It will take too much money and time,” loudly complained the politicians.

“Nobody knows where Humpty is; we don’t even know if he is real,” said the intelligence officers.

But I didn’t listen; that was my goal. I wanted people to know my name. 

In my mind, I saw them, men and women, old and young, pointing at me. “He saved Humpty,” they would shout. “He did it.”

As a result, I took the finest soldiers the army could offer and the best equipment money can buy. We also carried the most advanced medication known to science.

“Please stop,” cried the generals. “We cannot defend our borders without our best soldiers.”

“Please don’t take such expensive equipment; we don’t have the budget for that,” complained the politicians.

“How can we save lives without our medications?” asked the doctors and the nurses.

“Where are you going?” inquired the intelligence officer in a disrespectful tone. “We told you, and we are telling you again, ‘Humpty is not real.’”

“Stop with your whining,” I said. “We are going to do it, and that is my final decision.”

We continued walking, but the road was long. We lost men when we fought through hostile countries. We lost even more in the scorching desert. I was left with only a handful of men after we crossed the frozen tundra. Most of our expensive equipment got lost or broken along the way. All the medications spoiled.

“Do you know where to go?” the few soldiers I had left asked.

I hesitated with my answer, and a horrible feeling came over me. Maybe I should have listened. Maybe I should have stopped.

“Do you really know where to go?” the soldiers asked me again.

I wanted to say, “No; I have no idea where to go. I don’t know where Humpty’s wall is. I don’t even know if Humpty is real,” but instead I told them, “I know exactly where he is. We will be able to see the wall very soon. We must continue; we cannot stop. Humpty will not fall; Humpty will stay on the wall.”

We pushed on until, eventually, I was left alone. The last man died cursing my name. Finally, I also stopped. I had nothing left in me to continue. I sat down with my back against a wall. I’m completely empty. My spirit is broken. My body is crushed. Just before I closed my eyes for the last time, I said to myself with a grim smile, “I found Humpty. Humpty Dumpty is real.”